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Multi Sites

For businesses that have multiple sites and meters, we offer a wide range of services to reduce the time and effort that is meant on your energy renewals. A business classed as a ‘multi site’ can often inherit frequent issues with their energy accounts such as scattered contract end dates, a mixture of low and high consuming meters and a potential for heaps of paper bills.

We understand that receiving piles of bills monthly and having to renew energy contracts on a regular basis can be frustrating and time consuming, so we offer a solution where we can eliminate paper bills, align all contract end dates which will consolidate your portfolio.

Contracts and date alignment

Not only is having your contracts end on different dates time consuming, but it means that you do not benefit from grouping your energy consumption together. The result of aligning your contract end dates means that you are reviewing your energy renewal less frequently but are also benefiting from a group purchase price! I.e. Cheaper energy prices.


We understand that contacting a high number of energy suppliers with a wide range of meters and sites can be timely process. Our Acorn Energy advisors have the capability to contact over twenty energy suppliers for you on your behalf to ensure that an efficient and thorough energy tender is carried out.

Paperless billing

Multi-site customers often experience receiving a high volume of paper bills on a monthly basis. We work with energy suppliers who offer online portals free of charge. An online portal can be used to view and download latest bills, as well as archiving past bills to ensure all of your invoices are stored securely in one space.

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