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Account Management

Our account management service is offered to ensure that our clients are not spending unnecessary time on your energy accounts. You will have a designated account manager with a direct line meaning that if you do have any queries you will have one point of contact who will be available to answer any questions or queries you may have. Your account manager will also diarise your renewal date so you will never roll over or fall into the higher out of contract prices.

Market Tracking

With the market forever fluctuating and with energy tariffs constantly changing, we understand that whilst you are running your business, finding the time to follow the energy market may be difficult. At Acorn Energy we will track the market for you on a month to month basis so even if your renewal is six or twelve months away, if the market drops we will be in touch to make you aware. This means that you have the best possibility of maintaining a competitive price for your gas and electricity throughout the cycle of your business energy contracts.


P272 is the industry name for a government legislation which as of April 2017 will affect over 100,000 businesses in the UK. This legislation will affect all electricity meters which have a profile class of 05 – 08, commonly known as max demand meters. As of April, it is the suppliers’ duty to change your meter from a max demand meter to a half hourly meter which has a profile class of 00.

What is a half hourly meter and will I be billed differently?

A half hourly meter, hence the name is a meter which automatically records your consumption on a half hourly basis. The data is collected and is used by suppliers to identify when you are using your electricity. In terms of the billing, a typical bill for an 05 – 08 meter would show a standing charge and a unit price. With half hourly billing, there will be numerous other charges such as kVa, Duos and capacity.
As a consultancy we are very familiar with half hourly meters and can talk you through this change to ensure your spend is kept similar and isn’t affected by the P272.

Multi Sites

With some businesses, you may have the problem of dealing with more than one energy renewal each year. If you have a number of electricity/gas meters that you look after then you would be classed as a multi-site customer. If this is the case your business will probably need multi contracts with potentially multi suppliers and multiple contract end dates – therefore managing your requirements can become more time consuming. Not only is it tedious reviewing renewals numerous times over a year but it also isn’t efficient. At Acorn Energy we would look to align the contracts so that you have one renewal date rather than several. This will save you time but not only that, if the contracts are being reviewed as a group, then the consumption is higher meaning you will have more buying power. The result of this is a cheaper group energy price.