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Smart meters

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters which feed data back to energy suppliers about your consumption. These electronic devices record your energy usage direct from the meter and feedback the information to the energy supplier so that your bills can be based on accurate meter readings. Not only do smart meters eliminate high estimated bills but they also reduce the chances of being under estimated for your energy consumption so you won’t be hit with an unexpected large bill after a meter read reconciliation.

Why upgrade to a smart meter?

Save Money

Being over estimated for your electricity and gas can be frustrating, especially when it is happening on a regular basis. Smart meters result in you only paying for the energy you’ve

Save time

Rather than waiting on hold to an energy supplier to hand in your meter reads, a smart meter will save you time by automatically reading the meter and by submitting the read

Save stress

Smart meters work automatically meaning your bills won’t be based on estimates. Relax knowing your bills are going to be accurate and precise!

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